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REVIEW: Captain America: The Winter Solider

REVIEW: Captain America: The Winter Solider

You know what you get with a super hero movie: the ultimate popcorn flick that’s splashy , colorful , explosion-filled with duplicity and a bit of humor. All that’s in abundance but what makes this one different is it has the feel of a political thriller from the 70s- beginning with a tip of the hat to the 1976 “Marathon Man” , with Captain America Chris Evans jogging in the heart of D.C.  That’s where he meets the man who ultimately becomes the first Black super hero, Anthony  Mackie. Mackie just about steals the movie.  What a great addition to an already impressive  franchise.

Scarlett Johansson gets to compete with herself at the box office this weekend, returning as The Black Widow here and playing the alien version of a black widow in the indie sci-fier “Under The Skin”. Love that when it comes to multi-tasking, during (what to her) are hum-drum battle scenes, The Black Widow  jokes with Captain America about  his lack of a love life and who he should try dating.  What a delish character!  Of course it’s always Samuel L. Jackson who’s the coolest ever , without trying.

Two new additions: Robert Redford as the very top  brass at S.H.E.I.L.D. and “Revenge” star Emily Van Camp as Agent 13.

What makes this so much fun is the very human bonding among  the beyond human super heroes. The plot is more complex than most comic flicks, but in the end it’s  always our super heroes saving the world from the latest menace.


3 stars


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